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Enjoying food, fitness and hospitality, I obtained my BS in nutritional sciences from the University of CT and worked for 10 years as a dietitian. I delight in listening and learning about others’ lifestyles, cultures and nutritional needs to integrate creative ways to improve their health and wellness.  

My husband, two dogs and I relocated to the Wausau area in 2017 and purchased our dream home - a real fixer upper!  Even though I left a large city, I quickly fell in love with Wausau, with its vast array of outdoor activities and charming downtown all within a quick drive or bike ride. Wausau added kayaking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing to my other hobbies of hiking, biking, playing games, cooking and having dinner with friends.  

Activities that make a house a home have always been enjoyable to me.  This was put to the test with our Wausau purchase.  Amidst the designing, research, plumbing, framing, tiling, flooring and drywall installations, I became familiar with design decisions and construction of a house. I fell in love with homes and helping people with their homes became a new passion of mine.  I feel energized when helping others with their home sale/purchase and providing resources for their decision-making process.  

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you buy or sell your home. I’m just a quick phone call or text away at (715) 551-2170, or you can email me at 

"We worked with Bethany about a year, and during that time she exhibited nothing but Pure Patience with us. Listening to our wants and dislikes, never giving up on us, and we always felt that she was looking after our best interest. Then one day she texted us with a link saying that we must look at this property ... She had found the perfect place for us, it has everything we said that we were looking for. She did not stop there, as she held our hand and guided us through the entire Sale, Inspection and Closing process. What else can I say about this Lady except, that she is a Perfect Angel and One Fantastic Real Estate Agent. We Highly Recommend Bethany to anyone looking to Buy or Sell a Home "

  -Jim & Fran Oliveri, Client

"Having known Bethany through a work colleague, I would consider her a great friend, reliable, and ultimately someone who works for you in your interest. Finding the perfect property (which in our case we were semi picky about ) is hard in this market but she found not only one but a handful of options she researched. She setup time out of her schedule to walk the 10 acres even if it meant snow up to her knees. She was always very well informed, researched everything that was needed and obtained numbers that we as new land owners would never have a clue on. Hands down this was the easiest purchase we ever made and still agree if it was any other personality or realtor working with us we would not have purchased this. We are so very thankful we met Bethany and now can start planning on building our future home!"

  -Justin and Kyla Teresinski, Friend

AMAXIMMO First Class in Real Estate

Amaximmo, LLC was locally founded in 2018 to provide progressive, boutique real estate services that you’d only find in larger cities to our clients in the Wausau Metro Area.

The agents who make up Amaximmo have been selected from among the most talented and respected in the industry. All of them bring in a wealth of talent and experience to benefit our customers and clients. In many cases they also have backgrounds in areas that complement their real estate expertise such as Interior Design & Architecture, Accounting, Advertising or Bi-Lingual abilities to name just a few.

But, the one thing they all specialize in is YOU, the client. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about real estate agents and companies. At Amaximmo, we shattered the mold. Because we believe moving is far more than just a new address, we take this life transition very seriously whether it is your first home or your tenth. And, price doesn’t matter either…you matter! At Amaximmo we provide you with the same first class, personalized service we’d want for ourselves when buying or selling a home. As the real estate industry shifts towards mobile and online marketing, we strongly believe nothing can replace a personal touch, an expert who cares. Our agents know our neighborhoods better than any online search engine. We live here. We raised or are raising our kids here. This is our home. We know it inside and out.

But, that’s not to say we’re behind the times. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While providing individualized, personal service, Amaximmo agents stay current in all areas of real estate. They are the first to embrace the latest technology and innovation and look to the future to add even more tools to their real estate tool belt. Personal, first class service. Talent and expertise. Technology and innovation. When it all works together it is a thing of beauty… it is Amaximmo!

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